In a world full of show and entertainment “Tigran Petrosyan is a Mystifier”, says the great Mentalist Uri Geller after Tigran appears at many of his TV shows as a special Guest. “He is the next David Copperfield”, says Mr. Gorbachev – the first Russian President – running on stage after his show to shake Tigran’s hand. Tigran Petrosyan has performed in the most prestigious Varieties and Theatres in all over the world. He appeared in many TV shows as a special guest and has always found a way to amaze the audience with his own style.

Recently, he appeared on the “The Illusionist” TV Show in Italy, in which he competed against the best magicians in the world and was awarded  the Grand Prix, the “Las Vegas Trophy”. Together with David Copperfield, Chris Angel and Siegfried & Roy he is one of the proud owners of a “Merlin Award”, which is seen as the magicians Oscar. In 2015 he was awarded as the best Manipulator with the “Wizard Trophy”, which is an award ceremony for only the best magicians in the World.

Although Tigran likes to perform in a classic style, his magic is imbued with powerful charisma and a modern edge, which makes him very unique on stage. From close-up magic right in front of your eyes to big illusions on an even bigger stage, he does it all. And no matter what he does his motto is always:

“I was meant to make you smile”

Gold Texture Mystifier Uri Geller Tigran


2016 - Winner of a Magicians contest in Germany and becomes a German Champion of Magic in manipulation (2nd Time)

2012 - Finalist of the Magicians Contest in Rome, Italy on TV Show “The Illusionist“

2011 - International TV Magic Festival in Madrid, Spain with Jorge Blass

2011 - World Tour - TV Show in Hong-Kong


2011 - Winner of a Magicians contest in Germany and becomes a German Champion of Magic in manipulation

2011 - “Lary D’Or” - in France - Special Price of the Jury, Lille, France

2010 - Holyday Park in Germany, Special TV Show

2010 - TV Show Contest “Wer Wird Deutschlands Bester” in Germany – Finalist, RTL2

2009 - Winner of the TV Show Contest in Paris, France “Qui Cera Meulleure ce Soir “

2008 - World Tour – Magic Show in “Magic Castle” – Hollywood, USA

2008 - Magic Convention “IBM & SAM” - Special guest in Kentucky, USA


2007 - Famous TV Show “Circo Massimo“ in Rome, Italy

2007 - Series of TV Shows in Greece

2007 - Special Variety Show “ The 9 Best Magicians in the World “ in Athens, Greece

2006 - TV Show in Madrid, Spain with Jorge Blass

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